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  • 開平港電電器有限公司


           港電 ( 香港 ) 控股有限公司是一所港資企業,乘著祖國偉大的改革開放良機,1994 年在廣東珠三角著名僑鄉開平市,成立新麗華電子有限公司,首次購買 25 畝土地建設廠房,生產商用電子設備,無線麥克風,2006 年投入生產汽車氙氣大燈及安定器,出口貿易發展勢頭良好,又在 2004 年再次購買 120 畝土地建設廠房,2008 年成立開平港電電器有限公司,生產家用電器產品。

            2017 年公司大量投入資源研發汽車 LED 前大燈照明產品,主要產品包括LED汽車大燈、高亮大功率led汽車大燈、汽車氙氣大燈、HID氙氣燈等等,獲國家專利十餘項,聚光鋪路的光學設計,性能優良,產品定位以中高端市場為主,以OEM,ODM 方式銷往歐洲,美國,日本,韓國等發達地區;以自主品牌在國內市場銷售。我們團隊以工匠精神,精益生產,選用全球優質零部件,以質取勝!無論任何汽車,我們至力提高汽車照明技術創新,為您提供更加明亮,更加安全的駕駛樂趣!我司是專業的led汽車大燈廠家,專業LED汽車大燈、高亮大功率led汽車大燈、汽車氙氣大燈、HID氙氣燈等等。

           港電精神:誠信、敬業、專業、高效、重質量、長期為客戶提供有競爭力的產品 , 成為雙贏的合作夥伴!

        Kaiping Gangdian Electric Appliances CO.,LTD.Gangdian (HK) Holdings Limited, is a Hong Kong-funded enterprise. Seizing he opportunity of China’s economic reform, we established our business in the city of Kaiping in the Pearl River Delta in 1994, manufacturing wireless microphones and other electronic devices. In 2006, we started producing high-intensity discharge lights and electrical ballasts. Owing to the high demand for Chinese products in the overseas markets, our export trade expanded rapidly throughout the 2000s. Riding on this momentum, we founded Kaiping Gangdian Electric Appliances CO. LTD in 2008, specializing in the production of home appliances.

        Since 2017, Gangdian has started to invest substantially in the manufacture of high-quality LED car lights, and have acquired 12 national patents in this field. Targeting at the medium and high-end market, most of our products are exported to the US, the EU,Japan, Korea and some Southeast Asian countries as Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) products.

        With the spirit of the craftsman which aims at striving for the best, our team is committed to producing the best quality LED car lights, using well-made parts sourced from all over the world. As a firm believer of quality over quantity, we endeavor to innovate and to enhance the quality of our lights to give you a brighter and safer driving experience. 

        The motto of Gangdian is integrity, dedication, professionalism, efficiency, and high quality. We look forward to meeting and working together with our customers to create a win-win partnership.